Camera service

As part of the ongoing work at the museum out technical advicer has serviced and applied TLC services to several of the collection's cameras as well as private in-dayly use cameras. These cameras are currently but by no means limited to : Meopta Flexaret TLR - several models Yashica Mat TLR - several models Canon and Nikon SLR - several models including digital Pentax SLR both M42 and PK bayonet Kodak Retina SLR - several models Zeiss Ikon Contaflex SLR Carl Zeiss Werra RF - several models Kodak Retina RF - several models Fed & Zorki FR - several models Canon RF - several models including Canonets Subminiature cameras, both japanese, german and russian. The list is currently expanding as the museum's collection is upminiature cameras for a technical overhaul Interested parties should contact the museum but be advised if more than a TLC is needed, spare parts needs to be furnished with the repair object, preferanbly a donor camera with other ailments than those that needs to be corrected. Contact our technical details for price and other details.

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