Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Samoca 35 Model LE

Samoca Model LE, japanese rangefinder camera with uncoupled, working exposure meter.
This camera is now a working museum piece, after a little TLC by Trond who freed
both the shutter and the focussing which both had frozen after years of neglect.

Here we have opened the low-light door to the selenium exposure meter
and the handle of the focussing ring is clearly visible, ergonometry is surprisingly good.

Uncluttered backside, film quick-wind, flash shoe, rewind and exposure calculator
as well as film back lock can be clearly seen, this is a nice little camera.

Top end and user interface, film counter quick wind which was a huge step forward in the
1950's shutter release, flash (non-hot!) shoe and exposure readout clearly visible.
On the lens we can se distance scale, depth-of-field calculator, focusing handle and diaphragm setting.

Optical business end, japanese lens with a "german" name, what is new?
D.Esumar  5mm f:2.8  Shutter Samoca Synchro  B  1 - 1/300, F - X synchro.
Towards the Model LE shield can be seen the standard synchro socket.

Film chamber nice and in good working order, a little dusty though, repair shop?
Strange as it may seem it was seen so difficult to put film here, that Kodak wasted millions on  whole
range of cameras, that solved this problem but introduced a range of others!

Underside of body film rewind release, tripod socked clean and uncluttered.

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