Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Minolta - 16

Minolta - 16 camera, 16mm film this was the first model from Minolta, based on and improved from the Konan - 16. Minolta almost redesigned this from the bottom up, dimensions, lens, shutter, film chamber and the film cannister itself, it is fair to say that this was a totally new camera. Bach in the early 1960's it was fairly popular and served much thge same role as mobile phones does today, a camera in the pocket alway at hand.
The camera with the nice, original soft-leather purse. This was the camera chosen to document the first japanese summit of Mnt. Everest and the images from thius expedition, with a 360 vief from the highest spot on earth was rightly famous in its day, it was many years to come before anyone else could bring back similar images..... This version is the sought-after "gold plated edition", in real life it is gold colored aluminium, but this camera command premium prices on €-bay......
The original soft-leather purse is just like brand new......

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