Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Agfa Isola

Agfa Isola collapsible tube camera

Agfa Isola Casmea 120 film, 6x6  Agfa Agnar triplet lens 75mm f:6.3  Singlo-2 shutter 1/30 - 1/100 B
The lens tube collapses and retracts into the camera body under spring tension.

Nice, clean camera  fully useable only minor thing was the shiny bright cover ring at the tube base that was originally glued in place, that had come unglued, easily fixed. Viewfinder bright and clear, shutter full operational and focussing mnoves free with no binds.

A nice, compact camera fully operational. Tubular cameras was a better, more endurable idea than folders and can be made nearly as compact andcheaper. Sadly the industry relegated them to el cheapo lenes and shutters but there are examples with excellent 4-lens objectives and excellent 1 - 1/300 still flly functional.

This camera will see a Shanghai GP3 film shortly as soon asthe sun is higher!  Can be traded or sold, this is a USEABLE piece of equipoment and way better than any overpriced Holga!

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