Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robot spring motor camera

Robot german 24x24  35mm camera, spring-driven motor-wind
Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 40mm f:1,9  Shutter B 1/2-1/500

Note the huge spring-wind on top, and soething special :
the extra 90-degree wievfinder window on the left end on top here

As  seen from the back, clean uncluttered the little wheel on the top right end:
film counter setting wheel, viewfuinder window and to the left 90 degree window.

View from top to the left changeover from see-through to 90 degree
Lens with focussing scale (no rangefinder on square Robots!) wind-on,
Shutter-release and release lock, there is no rewind button.

Shutter speed dial, flash contact and tripod connector
Nice Robot logo on lens!

The driving seat motorwind shutter-speed dial, focus and diaphragm

24x24 picture frame, note that this camera uses Robot film casettes and needs two of them
there is no rewuinding of film and Robot casettes are designed not to mishandle film. 

Business end of the lens, Robot cameras always had top-notch lenses and was very popular
among sports photograpers, but not with short lenses like this all the german optical houses had
long focus lenses for the Robot range.

WE have 4 of the Robot cameras and are looking to unload a couple of them.....

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