Friday, February 3, 2012

MInolta Zoom 110 SLR

This is a Pocket Instamatic 110 camera!
Today we would call this bridge camera with a fixed zoom lens, of course that nomer wasn't
invented by the time this nice little camera hit camera world's shelves!

This was Minolta's second attempt to conquer the world with a 110 SLR a and contrary to the first, flat package, this one looks more like a traditional camera.

ontrols where laid out like a traditional camera, from left (manual) focus, zoom then time/auto control and to the right in this picture, exposure correction control, all in all a handy package!

On the back we see the eyepiece shutter, the eyepiece, the underneat the film window with backing paper exposure counter, under it all the film advance lever working sideways to the left.
There is an eyesight compensation control manipulated just above the eyepiece.

Strap eyelets, time/auto control and an extra/spared handgrip fastened with slotted screw. The handgrip had to be found separately, and was a hard find on €-bay.

Battery compartment and film advance lever can be clearly seen.

Tack sharp Rokkor zoom lens, nice and like new. 25-67mm f:3,5

All in al an excellent little camera, too bad the APS-equipped digitals never where able to match this size envelope and holdability, shooting via a basck screen can NEVER match the see-through approach!

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