Monday, February 6, 2012

Leidolf Lordox

Leidolf (Wetzlar) Lordox  35mm fixed lens
Leidolf Wetzlar Triplon 5 cm  f:2.8 lens
Pronto shutter B 1/30 - 1/250

Two-stroke backward-acting film winder, no rangefinder or exposure meter.

Nice, uncluttered top and a userfriendly workspace for its time.
Shutter release sits on the lens tube, and the shutter works with the limited choices.
Diaphragm is easy to manipulate via small tab.

The biottom is uncluttered too. Note back lock and selftimer handle.
The selftimer works, rather unusual for a camera this age.

The whole back comes off, making it easy to load film.
The interior is clean the lens is clean inside as well, a picture taker!

The lens is clean as well, and with a rather impressive look, this is a naice little camera!
It looks like a mix between Contax and Leica M-series, not inadvertedly for sure!

A nice camera like this needs a rangefinder first and foremost, a handheld exposure meter
is a good idea, but a reliable rangefinder is imperative! We did choose a reliable Voigtlânder......

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