Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canon AF35 ML

Canon AF 35 ML, a motordriven autofocus 35mm camera
Nice, clean lines excellent lens here hidden by a rather dirty skylight filter!

As seen from the side we can clearly see nice, unblemished lens, with Cannon's hallmark red ring feature, distinguishing this as one of their top-tier lenses, a 40mm f:1.9
Easy to use, just a shutter button and light and sound signals indicating if the user has to do anything.

As seen from the other side, we se the flash pop-up unit, manually controlled, 
the viewfinder and the AF windows, a quite accurate Canon CAFS unit.
Other than that we see the manually set ASA (ISO) window, which is great for anyone that 
prefer to push or pull the film speed

Quite clean back with manual controls : Flash pop-up, flash clear light signal by the viewfinder window
a film transport window that clearly signal moving film, and the power control button.

The power control button has battery control via a sound signal, off, on and self timer.
the button itself or control whell is quite wriggly so extreme care ahs to put it off, inn order not to deplete battery power. There are no othe controls, this is a auo-only camera, but combined with a good AF feature, and a sharp lens and manualm control over the flash it is possible to control picture quality to a degree.

To use the flash it has to be selected via the flash pop-up button, and wether it is needed is via a sound signal, flash ready light is by the viewfinder window, if one choose to ignore this signal, the auto-exposure will select a longer exposure time, and a full lens opening, i.e. one needs a tripod!

Uncluttered underside, two buttons film sprocket release, and auto film rewind, and a tripod socket, plus the motor batteries door.

The film chamber is clean and evverything is bright, note lack of film DX-decoder in the leftmost film casette chamber, a little surprising for such a modern camera and the film easy load feature

Close up of the film easy-load feature, just pull the film leader, place it over the take-up spool and close the back door, the little roller to the right her will catch the film leader and make sure the grippable surface catches the film securely. To ascertain that everything works properly, just watch the little film-advance indicator window.

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